Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Training Notes One Week In

After a week of spring training down in Florida and Arizona, we can finally begin to evaluate some of the team potential as the regular season approaches. Naturally, we're all overjoyed that Manny Ramirez has signed on for two more years with the LA Dodgers, and, with Joe the manager (Torre) back for his second season at the helm, things are certainly looking up for the Blue loyalists on the coast. At least while California slumps economically, residents will be able to get a little bit of relief watching an improving Dodger squad. With Torre running the show, the Dodgers look like the team to be in the NL West, without a doubt. It's just about the only division that seems like it won't be very competitive in 2009, except maybe the AL West, where the Angels once more look like the most solid, though the Rangers, with some pitching, could give them a battle. Coming soon will be regular posts, beginning on March 23, when my reporting on the NCAA tournament at College Basketball Daily tapers off following the opening weekend "four days from hell." I'll be examining each division that week, beginning with the NL East, home of the reigning champion Philadelphia Phillies. After that, the AL East, then the NL and AL Central and the NL and AL West. Following the pre-season analysis, regular daily posts leading up to opening day (April 6) will be the norm.

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