Monday, July 4, 2011

Carlos Gonnzalez Drives in Six, but Royals and Melky Cabrera Bomb Rockies, 16-8; Jeter Returns

Players of the Day for Sunday, June 3, 2011


In a fitting conclusion to interleague play, both the American and National League Players of the Day came out of the same game, Kansas City's 16-8 pasting of Colorado.

Gonzalez: 6 RBI
On the losing side, six of Colorado's eight runs were driven in by Carlos Gonzalez, batting from the leadoff spot.

Gonzalez, or CarGo, as he has become known, cleared the bases with a 5th inning double, driving in three runs, then followed up with a three run homer (his 13th) in the very next inning.

Cabrera: 5 RBI
Alas, for the Rockies, his production would not be nearly enough, because on the other side of the field, Melky Cabrera was packing a week's worth of work into one afternoon.

Adding to three RBI by Jeff Francoeur, and four by Eric Hosmer, Cabrera topped them both by going 4-for-5, with a single, double, two home runs, five RBI and four runs. About all Cabrera didn't do for the Rockies was climb up into the stands and hawk peanuts.

JETER WATCH BACK ON: Completing his untimely stint on the DL, Derek Jeter is expected to be batting leadoff for the Yankees when they open a three-game series in Cleveland on Monday, needing just six hits to become the 28th player in baseball history to record 3000 hits.

The plan is for Jeter to get a few raps in Cleveland, but reach his mark during a four-game set with Tampa Bay back in the Bronx, beginning Thursday. While the fans in New York would love nothing more than to see their favorite son get his 3000th hit in Yankee Stadium, Jeter getting six hits in a seven-game span sounds like a no-brainer, unless "El Capitan" has completely lost his swing.

FINAL INTERLEAGUE TALLY: By winning 10 of the 14 games played on Saturday, the American League broke the tie at 119 wins apiece, finally ending the interleague era for the season with the AL on top 129-123.

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