Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Backyard Inspiration

Thanks for the article from Rubin Osborne

With spring in the air, my husband and I have big plans for focusing all our energy on the great outdoors. We have been watching TVByDirect on Saturday mornings and their programming is so inspiring! We had been trying to decide what we could do to our backyard that is a challenging shape. It is long and narrow and is nothing but grass. We saw a beautiful backyard re-do that would work perfect for us. Instead of having all the grass that no one uses we decided to turn the entire narrow space into one large garden area divided into three sections. One right end is flowers and shrubs with meandering paths of pebbles and stepping stones. The middle is a relaxing fire pit and swing with perfectly placed landscape lighting. The furthest end with the most sun is getting a small pool and patio for us to enjoy for many months in the South’s hottest months of the year. We begin breaking ground next week to create just the right nooks and crannies and we will install a sprinkler system for all those gorgeous flowers. Who knew one show could inspire such a remarkable makeover. It’s going to be quiet an adventure!

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