Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Your Golf Gear in Order

Buds are beginning to appear on trees throughout the Northeast, which means, not only is it baseball season, but the golf links will soon be hotbeds of swinging activity.

And, as every golfer knows, having the right equipment is key to keeping your handicap at a respectable level.

Whether you're a weekend duffer or an experienced amateur with your eyes on this season's club championship, the right gear will often produce the best results.

Clubs are the most important items that you'll put in your bag this year, but one should make sure they're properly fitted and well-maintained. A trip to your favorite pro shop or golf equipment outfitter could make the difference between hitting consistent duck-hooks or driving the ball straight and long.

After the clubs, take a look at the golf balls in your bag. Like just about everything in the sports equipment universe, all balls are not created equal. Some will give you better flight, others tend to grip greens better, but, for most of us, driving distance is the main determinant to which kind of balls you'll use, and there are now a grand variety of distance golf balls that can add as much as 30 yards to the average drive over conventional balls.

Once you've got your clubs and balls to your liking, your wardrobe should include some nice collared shirts that won't blind your playing partners. Not everyone wants to dress like Ricky Fowler, so choose accordingly and have a great spring and summer at your favorite courses.

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